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What Will Change Because of This Movement

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Art in Everyday Life

         New discourses and generative conversations will occur regularly in the public domain that stops the glorifying and normalizing of violence and portray the true cost of violence, the systems that give rise to it, the cultural norms that perpetuate it, and what needs to change to prevent it.  The arts can be a powerful tool to stop the promotion of consumerism and show sustainable solutions for a thriving planet. New stories, songs, films, and dances can illustrate conscious reciprocity (my wellbeing is tied to the wellbeing of others) rather than harmful self-interest. Art will establish the CFSR model for generating an equitable and enduring paradigm shift in society for a thriving planet. It is also time to celebrate the everyday superhero who steps into courage, using wisdom instead of physical force and recognize them for their creative, system-changing solutions. We will acknowledge art as a powerful space for equitable individual self-expression worldwide. The arts will be valued as an essential strategy for wellbeing and for shifting the unworkable system and cultural norms. 

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What Will Change Because of This Movement

Systems and cultural shifts:

What systems and cultural norms must be changed to create sustainable and equitable outcomes?


Art will be created that will shift: 

From promoting self-interest to promoting conscious reciprocity (my wellbeing is tied to the wellbeing of others).

From us versus them, "othering" mindset that stereotypes, and stigmatizes people to portraying individuals as they really are--as unique and worthy

From media and arts that glorify and normalize violence to daring to know the true cost of violence and systems that give rise to it, the cultural norms that perpetuate it, what needs to change to prevent it, and act. Specifically, how do we act when violence is not normalized. Oppose needless wars. Work to stop the incarceration of people of color.

From arts and media that promotes self-interest, fear, and hopelessness, apathy to arts and media that inspires courage to care for one another and the planet and act to make changes. 

From celebrating the current action heroes and protagonist in movies (another set of words) who solve problems with force to celebrating everyday heroes and their creativity in solving problems and who use wisdom to shift unworkable systems and cultural norms.

From harmful use of sexual images and promote the difference between sensuality and sexuality and stop the commodification of people, including children and youth.

From current system where artist engage in competition, fame and stardom to a system where artists are valued and supported. 

From art being an elite space to one of everyday expression.

From artists and audience participating as a in the moment activity (partial) to engaging in art as a CFSR in wellbeing in society.

“When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.”

                     - Alex Grey

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“Artist are like all human beings with the potential to discover and manifest our inner power and wisdom along

 with our gifts and talents. When artists journey through their won leadership and stewardship development 

based on universal values they stand, they see new invisible patterns and they generate spectacular images symbols, icons, and metaphors for an equitable and thriving humanity and planet.”

                    – Dr. Monica Sharma

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