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Monica Sharma
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Dr. Monica Sharma, trained as a physician and epidemiologist, worked for the United Nations for more than 30 Years. Currently, she engages worldwide as an international expert and practitioner on leadership development for sustainable and equitable change. She is the author of the book Radical Transformational Leadership which one won the Nautilus Gold Book Award 2017 for Business & Leadership. She works with the United Nations, universities, management institutions, governments, businesses, media, and civil society organizations. She was the former Director of Leadership and Capacity Development at the United Nations and directed global programs related to the Sustainable Development Goals. She has published and presented over 250 articles in journals and international forums. Monica Sharma created and uses a unique response model based on extensive application—a conscious full-spectrum model—which is for simultaneously solving problems, shifting systems, and creating new patterns sourced from individual inner capacity and transformational leadership. This model has generated sustainable results worldwide. Her book Radical 

Monica Sharma draws on more than thirty years of working for the United Nations and beyond to present a radical new approach to transformational leadership, one that creates systems of change where everyone can engage–not just analysts, policy makers, educators, and business leaders. Demonstrating that we all can be architects of a new humanity, Monica Sharma demystifies policy-making, planning, and implementation so that everyone can play an informed and strategic part in eradicating the world's most intractable problems. Using real-life examples from around the world, she shows how our innate human attributes of universal compassion, our equity impulse, and human capability can create new patterns that: first, effectively address major challenges such as gross inequality, unbridled hate, conflicts based on social identity, and the 'never-enough mindset '; and second, realize our full potential to manifest universal prosperity. Written in a straight-forward, accessible style, this book outlines a path-breaking paradigm shift that is already generating equitable and sustainable results across the globe. 

Therese Adams

Since 2014, Therese Adams is a pioneer and a unifying architect. She practices and applies the tools and templates of Radical Transformational Leadership. In the Leadership  for Community Transformation program, with Dr. Monica Sharma. Therese has supported the training of hundreds of leaders in Northern California as a practitioner coach. With Dr. Monica Sharma, she developed the RTL Arts initiative to transform the arts using the Radical Transformational Leadership frameworks and methodology. She works as a theatre director, choreographer, and arts educator. Directing and producing many of the plays of Samuel Beckett, she organized a week-long festival of his work at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She directed Beckett's PLAY at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. For over 25 years, she has been the Director of Moving and Storage Performance Company performing in New York, California, and Japan. 

Living in Japan for five years exploring Japanese theatre and dance, she presented dance theatre productions with Moving and Storage and directed stage plays, including Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream in English and Japanese. She was also a member of the Crash, Burn, and Die Dance Company. She is presently combining RTL with the power of dance and theatre to inspire equity, dignity, and compassion and to shift the 'us versus them' narrative, so both performer and audience step into action to change unfair systems.  Since 2012 she has used RTL on the issues of homelessness and mental illness. She was a Community Organizer with the United Way, advocating for sustainable system shifting solutions based on fairness. She was also the Development Director at Pajaro Valley Shelter Services, promoting equity and generosity to transform the current nonprofit fund development and philanthropy practices. Currently, she works to end stigma as the Executive Director of Santa Cruz Affiliate of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

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